Peace Mobile

An Islamic Smartphone by Dr. Zakir Naik

Peace Mobile Price in Local Currency

July 22, 2013

Rates in your local currency are as follows which includes Handset + Shipping


Rates in Local Currency


14000 INR  (India) 882 AED (Dubai) 20864 KES (Kenya)  
901 SAR (Saudi Arabia) 13484 AFN (Afghanistan) 69 KWD (Kuwait)  
183 Euro 18662 BDT (Bangladesh) 38676 NGN (Nigeria)  
157 GBP (Pound) 494 GHN (Ghana) 91 BHD (Bahrain)


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what abt rate in Pakistan

plz tell me rate in pakistan of this mobile. how much days tacking reach in pakistan

Pakistani Price
Pakistani 24000rupees.

Assalamua'laikum, can I get it delivered in UK? jazakAllaahukhairan

What will be price of peace mobile in Bangladesh with courier cost. After Eid peace mobile will be available in Bangladeshi Market? How can I purchase it before availability in Bangladesh? What the procedure please mention with bank account. Mentioned that it will be better for us if we can buy this mobile from out native country. Thanks.

srilanka @ qatar price

What is rate in Pakistani currency with courier charges before Eid and when it will be available in Pakistani market and please make its availability as soon as possible in pakistan plz reply



When will it be available for the u.s.a, New York?

As-elamu Aleykum!I siad i have no money (14000) Insha Allah ...

i am from Bangladesh. plz let me know the price of a peace mobile and the order process from my country.thanks

The rate of this mobile is very high for me. Plz reduce this rate.

It is truth that you are publishing a great relegion that is Islam.May Allah help of yours . You have taken a great step for publishing this great relegion by this mobile but not in order to business. So, it will be better if you are reduce price of this mobile. I am most likely to want buy this mobile but price is being more seems to me.You should think for every classe man that they can buy it easily.May, Allah live you long.

Even i think that the charges are too high...It should be affordable for every muslim. Jazak Allah Khair

I like it..........

assalam alaikum.... is da phone alredy launched?... if i booked nw wen i vl recive? i m frm india.... wats da total cost including courier? jazakallahuma khairan

how mach in qatar wich shop have

The price is too much for the specifications given. In india a mobile with 5" screen full hd , 8 MP camera and quad core processor (micromax and many other) can be obtained with the same price, even samsung galaxy s duos with similiar specifications comes for 10000 rs.
atleast os should hv been 4.1 or 4.2.
if you r charging extra for the content you provide with the fone then its ok or may be it is of superior quality than samsung i dont know but still price is on higher end.
anyways the idea for an islamic fone is really good and i congratulate you for this initiative and personally feel that i should buy such type of a fone but it is not in my range :(

Islam is the perfect and the only religion of human kind. Please read and know about Islam is peace and source of humanity
I like too much peace mobile please tell me the price in Ethiopian Birr and the access to purchase it
Peace and Remodan kerim to all my Muslim brothers and sisters

Allah is great

Even i think that the charges are too high...It should be affordable for every muslim. Jazak Allah Khair

Pakistani Price : 24327


Assalamu Alaikum va rahmathullahi va barakaattuhu.
i like this mobile very muchi i was eager to know about islam from the videos in this mobile,but the rate of the mobile is costly for future if u decide to reduce the amount please mail me.jazakallahu khair.

Assalam o alaikum, i am in pakistan how can i get this mobile

Assalam o Alaikum !

It is really a worth appreciation that IRF has introduced PEACE Mobile. The mobile, as advertised, would be a great asset for the buyers throughout the world. In Pakistan, specially in Lahore, where we can buy this precious gadget of PEACE TV. Jazakallah.

can i pay in instalment

Assalamu alaikum,
Alhamdulillah it is a very fruitful step to innovate a islamic smart phone.. jazakallahu khair Dr. Zakir Naik.
But the price should be put in a minimum level so that mass purchasers from south asian region and other parts of the world can afford the mobile which gonna help them a lot as smart phones are now an essential part of life.

Please note, now a days very good quality smart phones like Symphony etc are available in low price.

So why not PEACE MOBILE ? Specially as it is for the sake of ALLAH (swt) , so you will get more reward if more n more muslim people can use it and help their Deen in daily life...


Nujbun nahar chowdhury

I like Peace Mobile Mai Chahta Hu Ki Har Musalman Peace Mobile Use Kare Aur Insha Allah jarur Karega

Jazakallah Khair for lunching the Islamic phone ! After reading the comments of people , who says the phone is expensive, so simply don't buy if you cant afford . He c'mon , you guys have lotsa money to waste or buy silly things without any complaints,now when it comes to encourage someone with noble task , you write pathetic comments.My advise to the moderator or the web management is don't publish all the silly comments without screening , only important one should appear to the readers.

I am from bangladesh. I want to buy peace mobile, but i don't know about the price in bangladesh and the system of get it. Please let us know!

Please support Mr.Zakir Nayek by buying this mobile at the same time help him in spreading the message of Islam & get hasna from almighty Allah for this world & hereafter Ameen..............................

will it rates decrease after some time

I like peace mobile.I am from Bangladesh.I don't no about mobile price.

Where can I get this peace mobile in Qatar?

I am from Kashmir (J&K State...I will do hard work to attain the sum amount of Rs. 14000/- in order to bring the PEACE mobile phone.

Credit to Mr. Zakir Nayak Sb 4 launching the PEACE Mobile phone..


i am from pakistan. I want to buy peace mobile, plz let me know the price of a peace mobile in pakistan ?

Aslamuwalikum !!! india me iski kimath kya hai aur a khana par dastiyab huga plz mer a msg

salam. howmuch is the shipping charges for maldives?

i am from ethiopia i want to buy peace mobile but i donot know about the price in ethiopia and the system of get it thank you

How to buy it from bangladesh

this is so nice of ur company

Masha allah masha allah khuda ne meri sunli,peace mobil to release howa.and now peace windows.peace ofice.peace tally.peace india network sim.insha allah khuda hame kamiyab karega.

What abt rate in nigeria

i am from Pakistan. plz let me know the price of a peace mobile and the order process from my country.thanks

call me; 9591111863

Assalamu Alikum, I am Abdus Salam from Bangladesh. please let me know the price of a peace mobile and the order process from my country.thanks
my mobile number is +8801927494094.

AssalamuAlaikum, I am Indian.

its a nice phone which if used, will increase my knowledge of the islamic religion. please i wish to know its price in Camerron

i like it . ALLAH PEACE TV ko asaniam dai aur issay her kisam ki mushkal sa mehfooz rakhay (ameen)

good initiative,bad pricing..

Asalam o Alekum i am from pakistan. I want to buy peace mobile, plz let me know the price of a peace mobile in pakistan ?

Asalam o Alekum i am from pakistan. I want to buy peace mobile, plz let me know the price of a peace mobile in pakistan ?

Assalamu alaikum. I am Akram uddin form Chittagong, Bangladesh. I would like buy peace mobile. Pls provide information about the agent of peace mobile at chittagong in Bangladesh.

Assalamu alaikum.

JazakAllah khair for such a great initiave. Muslims should live a full-Islamic life, including the use of technology. And you have made it easier for everyone, Alhamdulillah.

Is it an unlocked phone, any SIM (network) will work on it? What about it Australia?

JazakAllah khair once again. May Allah guide us all, ameen

Assalam alykum the peace mobile phone Is the one that help us to study alot of our religion (islam), Thaks for all analysis, designers, and developers + programmers,

I am performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia.. Is the mobile available at any Saudi Market? Please inform me.


this mobile phone is too cost to buy a common man , i think and advice to rose the common muslm man and walk to known islamic way to reduce the price.

i want to buy this mobile but it is to much costly in pakistan.......:(

Peace Mobile Rates in Local Currency (PAK.Rs.) & where avaliable in karachi Pakistan.

assalamualaikum! my sisters and brothers pray namaz before your relatives pray IT for you

السلام عليكم ورحمت الله
pls give me address of hyderbad (AP)
00919849336203 Mohammed Abdul Wahab

AAWW Alhamdulillah I hope this mobile can share the time that lost on Facebook. but the price is very costly. IT is better to spread to the Muslim with less profit.people buy this mobile not only because of its quality but also to acquire knowledge on Islam and to support his religion. Enshalla we expect more products from Peace.

assalamualaikum, please let me know that how can i buy while i am in south africa. other thing is what will be the payment ref; number please explaine me. name is sajeda living usa.iwant to buy peace mobile.i dont know the can i get it.please let me know.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Assalamualikum Can you please let me know where can I get Peace Mobile in Qatar.

Assalamualikum i need peace mobile at kolkata.

i really like this mobile and i wanna buy it soon plz tell me the price in ethiopia birr. jaza kalaah

i m muzammel from Bangladesh.i m interested buy peace mobile.plz inform me what price&where get this mobile in Bangladesh.

It is very very costly...but why...

how can I get it in Hargeisa/Somaliland and the price in $

peace mobile rate is 240 us dollar . contact 0321 2930281 to buy in all over pakistan

I am from chittagong in Bangladesh.I am very anxious to buy peace how would i buy it.....

Assalamu Alaikum va rahmathullahi va barakaattuhu. i want to buy this mobile from kualalumpur in Malaysia.Please let me know how can i buy it from kualalumpur.

Asslam o Alaikuym please reduce the price, i really want to get it but the price is not affordable for me . please reduce it. thanks.

Assalamulikum Wa Rahmatullah;
I saw Peace Mobile in my Facebook from Dr.Zakir Naik Link, So I would like to have it in Kandahar Afghanistan,How can i?

Sir plz decrease its price and where it is available in pakistan?

Assalamu Alaikum.I am from Bangladesh. I want to buy any peach mobile.Can you please let me know, where can I get Peace Mobile in Bangladesh.

Assalamu Aleykum, I saw Peace Mobile on YOUTUBE specially in Dr. Zakir's channel; after that, i want to buy it how can i get the peace mobile in my country (Somalia), and what is it price?

Please send me the address in kolkata where i found the peace mobile

Can peace mobile be deliver to New Zealand ? If yes then how much all together with shipping ? Thanks

ai mobilar dam koto

Please send me the address in kolkata where i found the peace mobile

how much in Morocco, n where can one find it


Could anybody inform me whether the Peace Mobile is available in Sri Lanka and if so kindly provide me the address, contact Number and the price in Srilankan Rupees.


Salaam, please tell me when this great mobile will be available in Pakistan?? desperately waiting to get one.


Is there any shop in UK from where I can buy peace mobile?

Please Down the rate at rs 8000 only so that we can afford it .
Arif samad
Ratnipora,Budgam Kashmir.

bhai g mery pas 1100 nokia mob he uski flysh light nai chalti or LCD b tooti hui he uski betry dad hui he or uski charging pin b khrab he to lihaza isky sath soda kar len shukriah

Assalamualaikum wa rahmuthulla hi wa barakathahu.
could i get some more détails like it a 4G phone.
2. is franch language included
3. can i get fiche tecnique

I am from bangladesh. I want to buy peace mobile, but i don't know about the price in bangladesh and the system of get it.

asalamualaykum, how are you . can you please tell me the price for the device in England, please, ALSO COULD YOU GIVE MORE SPECIFICATIONS on 4G etc ... jazakallahkhair

i want this mbile but i can't get where i can get this peace mobile

I converted other country's like Pakistan and its about 150 pound in British money so could u make it a hundred pound cheaper in uk too and how do I order it when I to to Pakistan for my cousins

AWW jazak-Allah until now it cannot reach ethiopia

Assalamo aliakom,

Brothers who are looking forward for buying Peacemobile in Inida, I request you to think twice before buying it.

There is no post sales support for this phone. If it doesnt work or by mistake you break the screen, you are asked to go to Dubai to get it fixed. After 6 months from buying the phone, i accidentally dropped it and the touch screen broke. I am trying from all sides, IRF/MMTapes/Peacecommunications using phone or email and the direction is to go to Dubai. The spares are not available locally and as a last resort, i have requested help to get me the spare parts so that i can repair it in India

I bought the peace mobile from this site primarily from supporting a cause for Dheen & get benefit out of it. I could have as well bought a Samsung or HTC at a lower cost and better configuration and downloaded the required android apps.

I would strongly recommend buying a branded phone after going through the ordeal. Better versions of the Islamic Apps and Videos can be downloaded from Android store or YouTube.

Jazakallahu Khairen.

Is peace mobile available in Kolkata?

what is the price of Bangladeshi Taka of Peace Mobile & how i can buy it

Assalaamu Alaykum! Please, what is the price in Ghanaian currency? And how can I get access to Peace Mobile? Jazakallahu khairan.